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Welcome to HowStuffCompares! This is the place to get the lowdown on everyday things by finding out how item A compares to item B.

Perhaps you're building a deck and want to know whether to use nails or screws to secure the decking. Or maybe you want to know how wood screws compare to metal screws. Or, more generally how certain fastener measures up against another fastener. Or you want to know more about red for wine versus white wine: how they differ, which one goes with certain types of foods, health benefits of each, etc. Or how French press coffee compares to percolator coffee. Or how wood floors compare to tile floors. Or how a monkey wrench compares to a pipe wrench. Or how synthetic oil compares to conventional oil. Or how, ... well, you get the point.

The information presented here is concise and to the point. No long, windy articles that get bogged down in the minutia. Just straightforward information so you can quickly determine how things compare to each other in order to make an informed decision before buying or otherwise committing to a certain course of action. Or maybe you're just curious about how two things compare.

Here are a few juicy comparisons to get you started:

Iced Coffee Versus Hot Coffee
Incandescent Light Bulb Versus Compact Fluorescent Light
Japanese Saw Versus Western Saw
LED Light Bulb Versus Compact Fluorescent Light
Latte Versus Latte Macchiato
Latte Versus Mocha
Locking Pliers Versus Regular Pliers
M4A Versus MP3
MP3 Versus CD
MP3 Versus MP4
Mayonnaise Versus Miracle Whip
Mayonnaise Versus Mustard
Mello Yello Versus Mountain Dew
Molasses Versus Maple Syrup
Organic Cotton Versus Conventional Cotton
Organic Food Versus Conventional Food
Paper Bags Versus Plastic Bags
Phillips Screw Versus Torx Screw
Phillips Screwdriver Versus Robertson Screwdriver
Pliers Versus Wrenches
Real Maple Syrup Versus Imitation Maple Syrup
Red Wine Versus White Wine
Sea Salt Versus Table Salt